NAO the industry's most popular and advanced humanoid robot is available today from the leading NAO applications and development languages provider! NAO V5 trusted by the world's most advanced research, development and educational institutions is available for immediate shipping. NAO would love to find a home with you! 

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Basic NAO V5 robot packages start at $9,000.

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Transform the way your students learn STEM concepts with NAO - the humanoid robot that offers most engaging platform for learning fundamental STEM concepts and computer programming. NAO naturally arouses the students' interest and motivates them to get actively involved in learning through projects and teamwork.

NAO 'Makerspace' for Libraries


Having a NAO Robot, the world’s leading humanoid robot available for use at your library will add a new dimension of relevancy and vitality to the localized resources that your library provides the community it serves.

NAO for Hospitality 


NAO is the ideal receptionist for your business, hotel, or franchise. NAO can convey important information and welcome guests and customers. Differentiate your business and improve customer satisfaction with NAO for hospitality.

NAO for Special Education

ASK NAO is a comprehensive solution designed to assist teachers and childcare workers in the support of autistic children.

It is a solution which includes the robot NAO and a range of fun and educational applications specially written to meet the needs of autistic children.

NAO for Pediatric Care

NAO is clinicly proven to reduce a child's pain and anxiety by 50% during stressful medical procedures. We offer a specialized set of applications for NAO called the MEDi kit which transforms both the child's and the parents experience during medical and dental visits. 

NAO for Senior Living

Already in use in over 200 communities around the world, NAO is the ideal addition to any senior living community. NAO can lead exercise classes, entertain, present information, and interact with dementia therapy patients. Transform your resident engagement with the first humanoid robot created for healthcare and assisted living.


You are a teacher working in secondary education and you want to spark your students' interest by offering them interactive and dynamic teaching methods while preparing them for careers in the near future?


Robots in general, and NAO in particular, will help you introduce the complexity of certain scientific subjects in a fun way (mechanics, physics, programming etc.). They will also enable you to illustrate certain abstract concepts in a concrete manner.


NAO naturally arouses the students' interest and motivates them to get actively involved in learning through projects and teamwork.   


NAO comes with its own software suite, called Choreographe, which offers an intuitive 'drag and drop' interface for programming the robot, along with its own curriculum and textbooks.  Advanced students can also program using Python and C++.


This turnkey solution gives students a great deal of excitement about STEM!


NAO for Autism


NAO has qualities that are extremely well-adapted to the context of special education: he is engaging, predictable, tireless, but also multi-interactive. NAO is humanoid technological interface who naturally attracts children. He helps to create communication bridges between the child and the people around him.He is easy to interpret, helps to reduce the children's anxiety, and minimises the risks of over-stimulation.


NAO offers constant encouragement and never tires of repeating instructions. This helps to win the child's trust who will be happy to pursue his efforts.


Whether through touch, voice or vision, NAO also offers an extremely wide range of possible interactions. Even with no prior knowledge in software or robotics, the interface enables users to take control of the robot easily and at any time. Teachers, parents and Special Needs teachers can exchange and easily update information relating to each child.


The educational applications offered with the interface are directly inspired by approved behavioural models and approaches (ABA, PECS, TEACCH, DENVER, SCERTS). They can be personalized, and you can select and customize activities based on the learning goals, motivations and individual personality of each child.


Clearly, robotics is a rapidly developing new dimension in the future of technology. Including robotics as part of the advances being made by libraries to offer local communities access to technologies is being ushered in by the ‘Makerspace’ movement.


This is where modern libraries are headed. Working in collaboration with local schools provides a powerful learning experience for students – and an extended resource for teachers!



NAO for Libraries

Join the movement today! NAO is the ideal deal to revolutionize your library and excite your patrons - children and adults alike - with a new exciting tool to learn about programming and robotics. 


NAO serves are your community ambassador - welcoming guests to the library and even leading story time! Patrons can even program the robot to tell their favorite story or dance to their favorite song. 


With NAO's object recognition - you can hold up the cover of a book and NAO will tell you about its content or reviews! NAO can even serve as a fundraising tool and energize community members to come to the library as a place to engage with the most advanced humanoid robot available today. 







NAO for Hospitality

Combining the new era of robotics with advances in artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities creates a significant opportunity for the hospitality industry. In hospitality, every point increase in consumer/guest satisfaction means increased revenues. Our hospitality robotics platform enables you to offer your guests pinpoint, knowledge based interactions based on who they are. Satisfaction goes up.


In addition, enabling instant guest via robot based transactions creates increased satisfaction and even more revenue. Hospitality robotics is the new interface to the services that your guests want to know more about or engage. Bring local area services and events alive via hospitality robot that knows the local 'scene'. 


Robotic driven hospitality- soon to be the number one leading differentiator in guest service amenities. Let's stay there - they have that smart robot!



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