Our solutions can help you manage and improve wellness. Our solutions are specially designed to identify at-risk patient populations, as well as delivering high-quality, affordable care for patients with chronic conditions. With predictive analytic software, you can receive insights at the point-of-care, empowering you to improve patient outcomes and overall health management of the populace.


In manufacturing, insights get found in real-time, at the point of failure, and continue after the fire is out. To be a leading manufacturer, companies need the ability to visualize and aggregate machine data to enable insights with the flexibility required; real-time in the moment at the edge, and with enterprise predictability in the cloud.



Unplanned downtime within the energy industry can be incredibly costly. Safeguard your business against unexpected failures with Predictive Analytics by detecting maintenance and repair needs before failures occur. The ability to accurately predict when machines will require maintenance removes the need to carry out costly scheduled repairs that may not be necessary. With Predictive Analytics, expensive unscheduled maintenance can become a thing of the past. Contact us to learn more about specizlied solutions designed for Oil & Gas and Wind. Learn how to keep your operations going at maximum efficiency with predictive analytics.




Running a successful fleet operation is dependent on the condition and reliability of your trucks on the road. Mechanical failures amongst your fleet, limited vehicle lifespan, and maintenance expenditures all damage your efficiency as well as your bottom line.  With Predictive Analytics, each vehicle can be equipped with edge analytics software, giving both fleet managers and drivers the real-time information they need to take action – even if the truck is in an area with no connectivity. Edge analytics deployed directly on the vehicle gives drivers and fleet managers instant insight, allowing for better fuel economy, increased safety, driver accountability, and predictive maintenance. 




The Internet of Things is changing industries across the world. As millions of devices each day connect to the Internet, it becomes impossible to send all the data generated at the edge to the cloud. The concept of the data lake is dying because most of the data generated at the edge never makes it to the cloud. You need real-time insights, and to get them you need analytics to occur at the edge, on the device or gateway.

Predictive analytics ingests live streaming IoT data (as well as data
 at rest) through inputs with mainstream protocols. It then runs rules, advanced and predictive analytics, and pushes the outputs to the Predictive Analytics interface via WebSocket connections for real-time data visualizations. This means that your data is immediately available for users to act on.


With rich and customizable visual results, users can easily understand the data and take action to prevent adverse events, notify interested parties, and even trigger entire service workflows.




Just give us a call and explain your problem. We are happy to help identify and recommend the best solution for you based on years of experience.


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  • Bill the episode 5-10 days sooner, accelerating cash
  • Identify preventable audit risks
  • Enables you to become a 'value based' care provider
  • Same day plan of care can be presented to physician
  • Reduces the workload on field nurse and administrative staff
  • Defines initial visit count appropriate for each episode, optimizing staffing levels and providing cost containment
  • Proven return on investment

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